When To Say "NO" To Opportunity

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16x9-image_320pxIn the last decade the coaching industry has exploded and for good reason. Studies show coaching can greatly improve your overall quality of life. These days it’s easy to find a coach to help you with money, relationships, business, health, fitness and everything in between. The worlds top athletes and business professionals have been using coaches for years so making the choice to hire a coach can be easy.

However, choosing the right coach can prove to be challenging with so  many options and price variances. The old saying “you get what you pay for” does not necessarily apply when that big breakthrough you need could come just as easily from a $500 versus a $25,000 coach.

So how do you find the coach that is right for you? Here are 7 ways to recognize a great coach:


A great coach will challenge you past your comfort zone. It can be an uncomfortable place and you may not like your coach for doing it. However, great coaches sees your potential and will push to get you there.


A great coach will encourage you to make your own choices and honor what’s right for you. There is no “my way or the highway” attitude. The purpose of coaching is to strengthen you own business and leadership skills. Empowering you to make your own decisions is part of that process.


A great coach will ask what YOU want and then guide you to get there. They won’t put their own objectives and desires on you. They will share their experience or knowledge but ultimately understand it’s your journey and their job is to help you get to the destination.


A great coach will not hold back information if you don’t pay more or buy into a more expensive package. Be wary of any coach who holds information hostage or creates a fear based environment of what you are missing out on if you don’t put out more cash.


A great coach will help you see real, tangible results. Results come in many shapes and sizes from increased profits in your business to improved relationships or peace of mind. A great coach will establish a clear baseline of where you are in the beginning of the relationship and then monitor and track your results along the way.


A great coach will equip you with the tools and resources you need to make your own decisions. It’s perfectly okay to sort through and discuss decisions you need to make, but it should never become a situation where you feel like you can’t act without your coach’s permission.


A great coach will ask lots of questions – but also offer their own insight for you to consider. You should never feel like the coach is just asking questions and then leaving you on your own to figure it out from there. A great coach is your partner in success.

Finding the right coach can be a tough process. Don’t just settle for the first one that comes along. It’s okay to interview and be picky. Like any relationship it needs to be a win-win for you both. Hiring the most expensive coach does not necessarily guarantee the highest results. Listen to your own intuition and then make the best decision for YOU.

To your success!


Jennifer Dawn founded her first business at age 23 and grew it from nothing to seven figures while traveling the world. She went on to become the Software Division President for a $54M manufacturing firm and then led national accountability & mastermind groups for women entrepreneurs. Now, Jennifer mentors business owners to grow healthy and profitable companies at Jennifer Dawn Coaching. She is a Mastery Level Profit First certified coach, founder of the Best Planner Ever, and Director of Global Membership for Women Network. Jennifer is the proud mother of three beautiful children and married to Douglas Robbins, a fiction author.

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