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May 10 - 11   2017 - Long Beach California


Burge Smith-Lyons


Burge Smith-Lyons is President and CEO of Essence of Being, Inc. For more than 36 years she has been involved with the healing, learning and educational environment. Burge has facilitated workshops for personal growth and corporate seminars since 1980. She has led private and public venues in self-development, communication techniques, leadership development,relationships and abundance for adults and children. She specializes in helping people identify their "Bubble Talk" subconscious negative self-talk that blocks them from achieving what they want in life.

Burge is distinguished by the many modalities of learning she uses for personal growth and healing in her programs. Her holistic mind-body-spirit approach includes conscious breathing, kinesiology, emotional release, energy release, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, anger-release work, and Super Learning, accelerated learning techniques that activate both the left and right brain.

Burge is a best selling international author, motivational speaker and trainer, DISC Certified Instructor, relationship and communications expert. She is chairman and founder of The Healing Forest Foundation, Inc.  It is a non-profit organization that focuses on experiential learning and the shifting of outdated belief systems that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional challenges for children and adults

She has also consulted and trained within the corporate environment in companies such as United Airlines, Georgia-Pacific, Target Stores, Toro Company, Xcellenet, Medical Doctor’s Association, Enlightened Business Network, Thomas Publishing, and Women’s Prosperity Network  in the fields of customer service, sales, human resources and communication. She has shared hundreds of stages including: with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Sharon Lechter (Rich Dad , Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich for Women), and Loral Langemeier. She is a member of The Women’s Speaker Association, the International Women’s Leadership Association and written with Wake Up Women and has a streaming TV show on The WIN (Women Information Network)  She is the V.P. and founder  of Fresh Start Capital, Inc. which is a real estate investing and management firm that deals in residential and commercial investments.

Burge has developed the technology of "BubbleTalk", the unconscious thoughts that keep you from getting what you want. She has created the Essence Series of workshops, seminars, and programs and has taught thousands of graduates from around the world and hubs in Atlanta, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Asheville, Boston, Rhode Island, Toronto, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Australia for over 23 years. She is expanding  into India this year.




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