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Women Network Awards (WNA’s)

Based on “5 to Thrive” Categories

The 2017 “Women Network Awards” (WNA’s), based on the “5 to Thrive” philosophy proudly honors women globally for their outstanding achievement in their community. We invite you to nominate the woman that you feel has inspired and motivated you, and is making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it is an associate, client, co­worker, friend, neighbor, relative, or acquaintance, she represents the qualities of “Physical”, “Career”, “Finance”, “Social”, or “Community” that serve as the foundation for the Women Network. Enter your nominee now and join the movement!

1. Physical

“5 to Thrive” focuses on how you can increase the wellness of your body, your health, your strength, and your mind. This woman epitomizes energy, encouraging strength and wellness. As physical prowess has taken many shapes and forms throughout the world, societies have always revered their physically strong members. This woman demonstrates how health is enhanced and improved, makes one feel better, look better, sleep better, and live longer. She exemplifies self­confidence, self­esteem, and she continues to strive to be the best she can be.


● Athlete of the Year

● Breaking the Barrier

● Coach of the Year

● Inspirational

● Overcoming Adversity

● Wellness Coach 

2. Career ­

Throughout the years, women have been faced with many challenges when it comes to breaking the glass­ceiling. Though they may be smarter, more creative, and capable of anything, there have been obstructions. But, despite the obstacles, this woman found the way to circumvent the barriers, and find the path to greatness. With her achievements, she has laid a foundation and a pathway for others to follow and grow.


● Business of the Year
● CEO of the Year
● Corporate Advocate
● Entrepreneur of the Year
● Executive of the Year
● Ladder Climber
● Rags to Riches

3. Finances ­

It is said that “money makes the world go round”. This woman has shown leadership and acuity in developing, initiating, and supporting financial growth in her organization. With her skills and acumen, she has been able to achieve and exceed her financial projections and goals to meet the growth required. By balancing frugality and risk­taking, she has made her financial mark.


● CFO of the Year
● Real Estate Champion
● Banker of the Year
● Financial Planner

4. Social­

She is the hostess with the mostest. You can always turn to her to know who to meet. Whether it is for creating a special event, needing last minute printing, finding real estate, or whatever you fancy. A lady always, she is a guide to those special events, meetings, mixers, galas, afternoons or evenings, where you know you will be introduced to the most influential people that will change your life. She builds the bridges that form long­standing bonds, and makes everyone happier for having known her. This may be a relative, coworker, best­friend, or new acquaintance. She is a woman that I promise you will not forget, because she only thinks of others, and she will not let you down. Imagine the “heyday” of Hollywood, and you will see her forging relationships in her own special way.


● Networking Woman of the Year
● Event Planner of the Year
● Social Club of the Year
● Mother of the Year
● Grandmother of the Year
● Best Friend of the Year

5. Community

When you think of her, you think of the ties that bind. She is the one that can unite the community and bring everyone together for a common goal. With relentless effort, she is there no matter what obstacles stand as impediments, and she finds the way to bring people together. She is your town, your city, your community, the backbone of all we wish for, and hope is true. She could be a principal, a teacher, a neighbor that always gives a helping hand, or one that donates more than she should… because she believes in helping one another and bringing people together.


● Nonprofit of the Year
● Volunteer of the Year
● Philanthropist of the Year
● Teacher / Professor / Principal of the Year
● Chamber of Commerce woman of the Year
● Neighbor of the Year

The deadline for nominations is February. 24th 2017


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