Be Fearless: You got this!

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Consciously holding ourselves back from opportunities is a very common female attribute. This personality trait applies to all types of women, of all occupations, age, shapes and sizes. Universally, women tend to worry too much about what happens next or how our actions will be perceived. We always seem to think, but what if…?

What holds us back? What keeps us from chasing an idea, creating something new or investigating a new path, most likely it is fear. Fear of something. Is it rejection? Failure? Embarrassment? Vulnerability? Fear of the unknown? Should we just sit safely on our couch and wait for this new adventure to knock on our door? Sorry sister, that is never going to happen.

One of the most fearless women I know is my 27 year-old daughter, Alex. She is always willing to go for it, to try something no matter what the consequence. Six years ago she graduated from college and the job market was especially tough. She lived in Seattle and we encouraged her to try to find a job at the Nordstrom Corporate Offices, Starbucks Headquarters or at another large company based in Seattle.

She wanted to get a job in marketing, but at Nordstrom you have to start at an entry-level position, which is on the sales floor. Alex worked in the accessories department, selling hats, scarves and sunglasses and she hated it.

It paid her bills (mostly), she was certainly grateful for the job, but she definitely wanted something more. About six months in to this job, a female executive from a large recruiting company came to shop in her department. Alex helped the shopper with her purchases and they parted ways.

I week a later another woman called and said that her boss had been in the store and was so impressed with Alex that she was hoping to have her come in to interview for a position. Alex had never dreamed of becoming a recruiter, yet she went anyway, without any idea of what was coming next.

That was over four years ago and my daughter is now Division Director of Recruiting for TCG Seattle and has six people reporting to her. She is always happy to step up to try to solve operational issues, support her team and does not let fear get in her way.

To say that I am proud of her is an understatement. I am in awe of her fearlessness and enthusiasm for life.

What have we got to lose? Isn’t it thrilling to see women take chances and not let fear stop them from achieving their goals? Who inspires you?

In addition to my daughter, the women of the Women Network have certainly inspired me. To witness this huge group of women supporting and promoting each other is so refreshing. I love it!

I was so honored to be chosen one of the featured bloggers for the Women Network Blog and this platform allows me the opportunity to reach an even bigger audience with more women to talk to and exchange ideas.

We want to talk about what you want to read. What challenges are you facing right now? I can guarantee many of the women reading this are experiencing the same challenges that you are.

Start a dialog, kick start your new plan and share it with someone. The people in your life are there to support you and will give you the encouragement that you need to get going. My advice is to be fearless, be excited, be whatever you want to be.

Suzanne Stavert is an adventurous empty nester who spends her time traveling, discovering, photographing and writing about her world, then sharing these passions through her blog

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