50 Reasons to be Grateful

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Can you sit down and in ten minutes write down 50 different things that make you happy or grateful? You have to do it quick, that is part of the “fun” or challenge. I participated with a group of bloggers who all posted their top 50 on the same day.

The idea was to write down these 50 things I am grateful/happy for and write a post and share it. What a positive exercise! Being part of united gratitude bonanza can only boost the positive karma in the world. Don’t you agree?

Yes, sign me up! After you read my list, try the exercise yourself. We may have a couple in common.

I honest and truly set the timer for ten minutes and typed. I only adjusted a few typos and some spelling errors. I did not change the order, but that doesn’t mean that one is more important than another.

My List:

• My family
• Walking my dog
• Fresh air and sunshine
• Healthy body
• Great books
• Barre class
• Hugs from my kids
• The farmers’ market
• Cocktails by the fire
• Walking in the evening in the city
• Making a new recipe
• A great movie
• Taking a great photo
• Instagram
• Meeting a new friend
• Having longtime friends
• My brothers, their wives and nieces and nephews
• Birthday messages from my family
• Lululemon
• An unexpected text
• English breakfast tea and honey
• Coconut cream pie from Tom Douglas
• City lights
• Walking to the space needle
• The view from the Space Needle
• Calling my mom and making her day
• A fabulous mani-pedi
• Smell of holiday baking
• Great music
• Adele
• A thank you email from a reader
• My blog!
• Playing with my dog Rocco
• A call from Nick
• A call from Alex
• Buying the perfect gift
• The perfect Cosmo
• Sitting with an interesting magazine
• The progress on our house!
• Planning a new trip
• Going to a new city
• Being upgraded
• Champagne!
• Prosecco!
• An excellent red lipstick
• Holiday songs
• Family time
• Group texting
• Receiving Christmas cards
• My iWatch!
• Going to a beautiful park in Seattle
• Walking on the beach (I miss it)

52 items – in ten minutes

I enjoyed creating this list and am grateful to have been included in this group exercise. Last year I participated in 100 Days of Happy where I took a photo of one thing everyday that made me happy. It was a challenge at times because we are not necessarily happy every single day, but the exercise made me truly dig deeper in to the bigger picture of life to find something that made me smile, even on a tough day.

Are you going to create this list of gratitude? I know it will boost your happiness meter and then suggest it to friend and make their day as well.

I am grateful to you for reading this!

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